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Our Services include the following:

  1. Consultation & Garden Coaching
  2. Garden Design
  3. DIY Planting Plan
  4. Garden Build
  5. Garden Refresh
(see details below)

1. Consultation & Garden Coaching

Needing general advice or some fresh ideas for your garden? We offer advice on all aspects of gardening. Our charges are approximately R550 per hour, and would include any notes or sketches produced during the consultation.

2. Garden Design

This usually follows on from the consultation, and includes:
  • a detailed site survey
  • design drawings
  • planting plan
These are presented as an A3 colour presentation document, and may include a construction budget if required.
Prices vary, but are usually between R2500-R32000 depending on the scope of the work.
Please fill out our Emotive Questionaire, and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

3. DIY Planting Plan

This is for those clients who would like to do the work themselves, but just need a little bit of direction. Includes:
  • basic planting plan
  • suggestions for any hard-scaping.
Prices vary. Please fill out our Emotive Questionaire, and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

4. Garden Build

This usually follows on from the Garden Design, and wherever possible, all work is completed 'in-house', including:
  • hard landscaping
  • structural design
  • planting
  • water features
  • irrigation
Other services will be out-sourced, such as:
  • large-scale tree surgery
  • garden lighting
  • electrical installation
The total price of the build will be as per the construction budget supplied in the Garden Design. The project can be broken up into stages to suit the client's schedule and budgetary requirements.

This service usually results in the entire redesign of the space, prices may vary dramatically from R5000 upward, depending on the work required. However, as a guide you would normally be looking at a minimum of R10,000 for a fairly basic garden build, with an average cost of R50 000 - R80 000.

5. Garden Refresh

All gardens need regular feeding and attention to keep them looking best. Many of our clients ask for this service on a seasonal basis, often in spring and early summer, in order to get the garden back into shape.

  • pruning 
  • tidying
  • clearing
  • weeding
  • soil re-conditioning
  • any other general requirements to get the garden into a more manageable state.
Excludes (although these can be included for an additional charge):
  • planting
  • construction
  • materials
  • tree felling
  • waste removal.
Prices from R1550 per day.