There is nothing like a challenging site to bring out the best in a garden design...and this was full of challenges!

Entrance Garden

As this was the second garden we did for these clients, they were quite comfortable with our style, and quite trusting when it came to the concept and design.

They did however, want to build sustainability and water harvesting into the garden, literally from the ground up. We installed this huge underground tank before beginning with the garden area.


The driveway was built around making sure that the majestic Milkwood tree was kept safe. Steep steps lead down to the enclosed courtyard garden, which provides sheltered space from the coastal winds.

The concept for this area was to create an aesthetically beautiful space to enjoy as you arrive at the house. A natural firepit was created in the corner using large boulders.


Enclosed Courtyard


The enclosed courtyard was designed around three interlocking circles