There is nothing like a challenging site to bring out the best in a garden design...and this was full of challenges!


This was a tricky area to redesign. It was such a multifunctional space. It needed to function as a private garden space while still having space for laundry, gas, taps, outdoor shower, access to the garage and workshop as well as possibly finding space for a water tank and pump.

Logan 0
Logan 0a


Logan Concept

The concept was based off the idea that the Logans wanted something simple yet luxurious in an area that was quite small (just 15m2).

To create the illusion of space, we proposed using decking running diagonally across the space, and even extending it up onto the wall to push the boundaries out further. For the common area entrance we used the same concept but with cobbles.

The planting would be predominantly indigenous, with creepers and climbers on the walls to further soften the space and create a lush, natural space.


Decking Preparation

We cleared the site, removed the dividing wall and all the brick paving and tiles.

Balau hardwood was chosen for its durability and will be left to age naturally. We played the balau decking at an angle to create an illusion of space, and left gaps between to allow plants to soften the small space.

We continued the same feel to the exterior common area, but changed the surface to a charcoal cobblestone which was concreted down for permanence.

This gave us the flexibility to play with the changes in level, and  created a natural transition from the hard driveway area into the more intimate garden area.

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Logan 2
Logan 3
Logan 4


Logan 7a
Logan 7d

The end result was a space that felt much bigger than the original courtyard. The simplicity of the design and planting created a tranquil feel.

The combination of ferns, climbers and Selaginella ground cover softened the hardness of the enclosing buildings.

Logan 7c

The exterior planting was a combination of succulents, indigenous Aristida grass, and Aloes. Zoysia grass was planted between the cobblestone walkway to further soften the area.

An irrigation system was attached to the slimline water tank which would make for a year-round beautiful low-maintenance garden.