Landscaping Ethos

Our approach to landscaping is - in the words of Alexander Pope, to:

"Consult the genius of the place in all;"

His words laid the foundation for all landscape architecture, in that the design should be informed by the context within which it sits.

We believe in creating gardens that are a combination of our client's tastes and desires; in harmony with the architecture; and the land on which it sits; and our creative vision.

With decades of experience in every aspect of landscaping and garden care, we have transformed spaces throughout South Africa, and in fact even across the globe.

Our clients are as diverse as the gardens we create, from private gardens; residential estate gardens; exclusive resorts; business parks; shopping centres; and on a larger scale, providing guidelines for the open spaces of towns.

Our expertise includes every aspect of the landscape from green roofs and walls; to irrigation; golf green construction, sports fields and children playgrounds; water features and rock walls.

Our focus is always on our responsibility in stewardship of the environment. Whether it be in our choice of plants, our innovative organic solutions to problems; or our conservation of natural resources.

Whatever your landscaping need...we can bring the best solution.